Food drops planned for flooded north qld waterway

Food drops planned for flooded north qld waterway

Aerial photos taken in the morning show that the area surrounding the flood-hit South Brisbane will be flooded with wa??? ??ter as heavy rains continue to pound south of the city.

The heavy rain and strong winds were expected to dump up to one metre of water onto the Ainslie and East Brisbane bridges.

The river crossing at Anzac Bridge was closed Tuesday, but the bridge is expected to reopen in time to connect the bridge to the road.

Residents are advising drivers to watch out for swimmers and dolphins as the river is expected to rise and then crash over the bridge and flood roads.

“The bridge has been closed in our area, but the water is moving very slowly and hopefully the water levels will recover within 24 hours,” Ainslie River Trust manager John Raffery said.

Raffery said it could take several days, possibly up to a week, before the bridge can be reopened.

“I would advise it would be a while before everyone will be able to return to Brisbane because it would require more extensive maintenance work,” Raffery said.

“But we’???? ??re trying to get the people on the bridges back before the flood hits and we would do anything ????to reduce the danger to the people who work on these bridges.”

AFL Media has contacted the South Brisbane Redfern City Council, East Brisbane City Council and the Ainslie River Trust to provide an update on the situation in the area.

The water level at the Anzac Bridge was expected to rise by more than 2.5 metres by Tuesday morning, according to Raffery.

The Brisbane City Council is working to get the water level under control as the water is expected to rise at one of the bridges.

More rain is expected in Brisbane’s west early next week, with an expected uppour.

A heavy downpour was seen over parts of south-west Queensland from Monday to Tuesday night.

There was also rain across the eastern part of the Brisbane region on Tuesday, with more rain likely on Wednesday and Thursday.

In South Australia, a significant amount of rain was reported across the Gold Coast overnight on Tuesday, as the region’s weather bureau said heavy rainfall was expected between Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening.

The state’s forecaster said the rain would be moderate, but still very heavy.

“There is no doubt that heavy rain is expected to impact much of the central Queensland region on Tuesday and Wednesday nigh