Alice justice precinct to be expanded at the same time the new precinct opened in 2007

Alice ??? ???justice precinct to be expanded at the same time the new precinct opened in 2007. At the time, we were told to expect 3,000 people a day at any time of day or night. We also asked for access to an indoor parking facility in the precinct to accommodate the influx of additional traffic.

A week later, our email was forwarded to someone who, upon reviewing it, advised that, “We’ll be doing another trial this summer. Please call or email your precinct if you want them ?? ???to extend it to two days.”

This year, when we reached out to the committee to ask if it would consider expanding the precinct to more days or hours of operation for the purpose of increasing the capacity of a parking garage, a committee member said: “We’ll only look at that.”

So what happens next?

In the last year, the precinct has been working on improving the facility, opening a new entrance in a recently renovated building, and installing additional security measures. The precinct is committed to ensuring that the number of people coming to the precinct will match what it already is on a daily basis, and to being open for work for anyone who comes in during those working hours.

For now, the committee remains focused on getting the precinct to fill as quickly as possible. We will be continuing to press the city for additional funding to build a more functional public transit hub near the precinct.

In addition, we are committed to finding ways to make it easier for visitors to the precinct – either visitors to the general area, visitors to our sister precinct (Drexel Village), or visitors from the surrounding area – to get into the garage and interact with our visitors. It will take a few more months to develop more detailed plans but we are committed to trying.

Our goal is always to expand the precinct’s capacity to meet the growing demands of the greater Philly community. We hope you will join us in pushing to expand the service and meet these needs.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our precinct. We look forward to seCDC ??? ???eing you in the garage!


Beth Shemesh

Beth Shemesh, District 3 Commissioner