Tony stewart they said it was like a car that was stuck in traffic and someone said there was no help

Tony stewart they said it was like a car that was stuck in traffic and someone said there was no help. he said he was going to die for sure. one of those kids got up to leave and that’s when it happened. stewart told the parents that the kid got out of the truck and did a bunch of stuff and he didn’t pay attention to anything. he got hit by a car and ran out of there. a police car chased him and came up to him and arrested him. they told the parents he had a gun. the mom said if a mother had a weapon she wouldn’t have l?????et her kids watch it. the dad yelled “what did they hit him with” the officer gave him a ticket for not having the ID on him. he said it was fine and they were glad they didn’t have to take him to the hospital.

the mom told us the kids didn’t hear anything, but their father asked about his son and their dad heard him talking about a guy who was looking for drugs. the dad said “no he was looking for the guy who got away with it.” the dad said “he left without his ID.” the dad said there was some kind of a deal. the mom said they were scared as shit so it didn?????‘t matter what happened because it would still happen one day. then the mom said “you didn’t even try to get him back, you just beat him up for trying.”

the mom then said their dad????????? heard the kids start screaming and he saw the kid with a gun and that he ran outside. the mom said “what did you expect, you’re not supposed to do that.” her dad said “she saw something bad, let me check.” the mom got into the car and drove away. when she got to the school the kids ran after them. there are photos on the facebook wall of her son and kids with the guns.

what did they do wrong?

we thought the kids were watching TV. the kids ran down a hall, and he ran into a hallway. when he went down the hallway, his mom called cops. the cops told him the police would find him within 10 minutes but they arrived before that. i guess that’s all they needed.

how would your kids feel if someone showed up and said “I just heard something about some strange guy with a gun” and you didn’t let them in?

i was too scared. i was crying hysterically and holding my child. i really didn’t want him to b