Multiphase Flow Laboratory

The Multiphase Flow Laboratory TOPFLOW+ at HZDR allows for accurate investigation on the effect that new technologies and operational strategies can have on the complex multiphase flows within wastewater treatment systems. Advanced, large scale experiments concerning for example mass transport, mixing efficiency and degradation rates can be conducted in the 750 m2 facility.

The laboratory is equipped with various reactors for parallel operation tests with pure water, real wastewater and activated sludge. The test facilities are complemented with one of a kind flow measurement and imaging techniques developed and applied at HZDR. Among these, the X-ray laboratory within TOPFLOW+ houses the ultrafast electron beam X-ray computed tomography system (ROFEX III), a truly unique measurement system capable of obtaining high-resolution data on fluid distribution by capturing 8,000 cross-sectional images per second. Technical gas supply, indoor cranes, a mechanical workshop and the necessary safety equipment allow for flexible, reliable and safe experiments.


Bubble column setup in TOPFLOW+