The production of biogas from organic sludge is the most common strategy for resource recovery in wastewater treatment systems. The majority of anaerobic digestion plants for biogas production uses empirical approaches for the design of stirring systems, which are necessary to mix the content of the bioreactors and maintain uniform conditions within them. The objective of the NeoBio project is to develop a completely new approach for the design of stirring systems that takes into account quantitative measurements of the spatial and temporal distribution of parameters that influence the mixing process within the bioreactors. Furthermore, numerical simulations are to be developed and validated using the collected data to gain a deeper understanding of factors influencing the production of biogas. The application of such novel approaches can substantially extend the possibilities for optimizing biogas recovery in existing and new anaerobic digestion facilities.

Involved Partners

  • University of Applied Sciences Münster
  • HZDR Innovation GmbH
  • Budelmann Elektronik GmbH