Abc weather in action

Abc weather in action.

The weather has been so hot that it seems like it hasn’t been possible for a human to stand still during it.

This can be seen from the picture above, which has come from Reddit user “Tasteless_Romeo”.

There is a lot to see around this picture. Firstly, there is a ??????clear indication that the temperature has gone beyond 80 C. A few minutes later, this temperature drops to a cooler 80’s and then back into the mid 60’s range as the temperature nears 20 C. Then to a cool 35 C, and this temperature goes well into the 30s. This is also when the smoke starts to be evident, especially at a time when you cannot even see the smoke coming from the exhaust of the car.

What are the odds? Not good, especially when you see how quickly this car was running. After the engine of the car was started, a light would turn on and off a couple of times.

In the end, it looks like this was most likely due to a single person starting the fire.

In the pictures of this man, he looks pretty upset. He has his hat off to everyone that helped save his life, but you can imagine the anger of those people is getting to this man too.

It really can’t be helped, but this is just the nature of the beast.

The story continues on further on…

This man was going to burn to death, even wor?? ???se than we’re seeing with this fire.

In the video, he is asked a couple of questions about his ordeal, before he is driven through the air again by someone. This has also gone on for several minutes.

The story continues on to the fact that he died on impact, which is the same thing as hitting the ground.

But this is exactly what we saw happen to many of these people.

If you want to take a look at a larger version, check out some images from the Reddit thread below.

The fire was reported around 4pm. There was just about nothing left of this car, and when the fire broke out it w???? ??as already almost dark.