TOMOCON Netiquette

Rules for TOMOCON Social Media Pages  

The TOMOCON project enters into a dialogue with its fans on its social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) where it regularly provides information on current events and developments within the project and in the scientific community. To ensure a fair and friendly environment on our pages, we would like to ask you to carefully read our netiquette rules and adhere to these guidelines.

  • As in real life, you should behave on our social media platforms in a manner towards other individuals that is respectful, friendly, open, tolerant and polite. We prohibit discriminatory statements based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, worldview or age.
  • Constructive criticism and open exchange are viewed favourably. Any contributions with anti-constitutional, pornographic, insulting, disparaging or otherwise illegal content will be immediately deleted. The perpetrator will be banned from using the site and the social media platform provider will be notified of the violation and/or legal charges will be pressed.
  • Stay on topic! We prohibit entries that lack any context to our pages or are clearly advertisements and/or of a commercial nature.
  • Respect the rights of third parties! Photos of individuals may only be posted if those individuals have given explicit consent for publication. You may only post photos that you yourself have taken or for which you have been given permission by the photographer.