Un criticises bruneis introduction of sharia law to Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries

Un criticises bruneis introduction of sharia law to Saudi Arabia and its neighboring countries.

‘Not a Muslim nation, but a Muslim state’

He wrote:

“Saudi Arabia, is certainly a Muslim nation with Islam as its fundamental theology – it follows the Holy Quran in many areas. So, one would wonder why not impose Sharia law across the entire Muslim world on non-Muslims.

“Yet Saudi Arabia was the first to institute sharia law in its own land.

“It did????? ?????? not have the experience, or wisdom, to realise that sharia would lead to social conflict. In fact, it created one in its own country.

“In the 1970s, the Islamic fundamentalist community in the country created the Islamic State, which was the direct result of the Saudi implementation of the Sharia law.”

He continued:

“I find it ironic that Mr. Netanyahu’s speech has been compared to his father’s, with some Saudi officials using that analogy in their defense.

“But it does not matter what their father did. The message is clear, that even a Muslim-majority country with a large Muslim population does not have the experience, or the wisdom, to implement sharia law.

“At the same time it is the fault of their own governments to impose sharia law. The Islamic extremist groups in Saudi Arabia have now turned into ISIS and the Nusra Front, the very groups Hamas has banned for their brutal actions.

“The Saudis and all Muslim governments should reflect o??n how to avoid repeating history and the results of this disastrous experiment.”

Mr Netanyahu wrote:

“This is one of the few speeches I have given in my career that has not come across on cable news, and it is very welcome.

“There is nothing more refreshing, for I believe that the media will give these spee??????ches because they have a very different perspective – and it was a refreshing view to give the public a voice from their point of view.

“The next time you watch Fox, take a look at how their news anchor, Bret Baier, and his colleagues have been presenting the debate from the podium, and the fact that the question that it came up, if Mr. Netanyahu wanted to come off as harsh, might be acceptable.

“I will be looking for someone from within the Netanyahu family – somebody who understands that Israel has to respect other religions. Israel should also respect its own diversity, but never let its ‘principles’ be defined by others.